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How to Build a Strong Dental Practice Team

If you want your dental practice to operate like a Fortune 500 company, you need to build your practice’s team from the ground up. That starts with taking culture-shifting actions, such as corporate retreats and monthly meetings. These aren’t just for the Wall Street titans. Robert M. Pick, D.D.S., M.S., and principal of Progressive Periodontics & Implants, says you need to put these strategies in place with your practice’s team as soon as possible.
DMD Staff
PUBLISHED: Monday, April 10, 2017

Interview Transcript (Modified for Readability)
“Team relationship-building is an incredible, multi-factorial event with many things coming from many different directions. It starts with hiring the right team members with the right personalities for the right position. Then, it’s a matter of morning huddles, it’s a matter of business retreats, it’s a matter of monthly meetings, it’s a matter of leading and leading that team. It’s no different than, think of a successful band or a group: everybody on that team works together. And when the team is great, the whole experience is phenomenal.”
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“Relationship is a great word. We were talking earlier about my lecture on ‘Powerful Secrets.’ One of the things that came up is Powerful Secret Number Four: Developing the Relationship. When you have a relationship, the whole bar rises. Patients are going to be more apt to go through treatment when they have a relationship. When you have a relationship with your team, you have better team dynamics and better team development. The relationship is something that doesn’t come easily. It’s built over time. It’s built with trust. It comes from starting at the website with proper videos to talk about what you do, what you’re about, your brand. The relationship is key.”
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