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The DMD Check-Up: Hollywood Dentist Sues Over A-List Client 'Theft'

A "dentist to the stars" claims former employees went too far to steal clients from his practice. That story tops this week's DMD Check-Up, a new weekly feature where we'll bring you the top dental industry news, personal finance tips, and lifestyle articles from around the web.
Greg Kelly
PUBLISHED: Friday, December 4, 2015
A “dentist to the stars” claims former employees went too far to steal clients from his practice. That story tops this week’s DMD Check-Up, a new weekly feature where we’ll bring you the top dental industry news, personal finance tips, and lifestyle articles from around the web.
America's Dentist in Hollywood Client Poaching Suit (Los Angeles Daily News)
Dr. Bill Dorfman, a prominent LA cosmetic dentist who treats many celebrity patients (eg, Anne Hathaway, Eva Longoria), is suing his former hygienist and another dentist for allegedly using confidential information to steal patients.
Bad Oral Health in Pro Soccer (
Not quite a kick in the teeth but close. A recent study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine states that “pro soccer players are at an increased risk for poor oral health—nearly half of UK “footballers” admit to mouth problems. Findings are “consistent with research in Brazil, Spain, and the USA.”
Overcoming Dental Anxiety with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (
American and British researchers working with patients with “severe dental phobia” claim that CBT—or understanding the thoughts and feelings that influence behavior—may help people overcome dentist fears. There are limits though: “It doesn’t reduce the fear over time. It just reduces it in that moment.”
9 Tips from Warren Buffett to Make Kids Better at Business and Life (Inc.)
It’s the wise dentist who knows his/her own child. Businessman extraordinaire and investing genius Warren Buffett wants kids to learn about business at a young age. And he’s backing a new book on the matter—here’s a pithy review.
The Myth of Sugar-Free Drinks & Candy (The Washington Post)
After testing a wide range of sugar-free soft drinks, sports drinks and sweets, Australian scientists have found that many are “just as harmful to teeth as their sugared counterparts due to their chemical composition.” With nearly 60% of American teens having dental issues, the nation’s dentists have their work cut out for them.
Elderly Dental Care on Wheels (Orlando Sentinel)
“When it comes to dental care, older Americans are a growing yet underserved segment of the population.” One Florida dentist is helping by treating residents at assisted living and memory care facilities with his “mobile dental unit.” Thoughtful story about a true healer.
Instagram for Dental Practice Growth (ASDA Blog)
Useful report from a dental student on how “social media is quickly becoming a branding and advertising tool for dental offices.” Effective Instagram posts “can attract new clientele, facilitate patient education and present your dental practice in a whole new way.”
Why the Delay in Obamacare Adult Dental Coverage (Kitsap Sun)
It’s about the necessities. “Pediatric dental coverage is considered an essential health benefit that must be included in qualified health plans sold through exchanges. But adult dental coverage is not considered an essential under the Affordable Care Act, “leaving coverage decisions up to the exchanges.”
Dental Care for Patients with Medical Complex Conditions (ADA)
Dentists uneasy about treating patients with complex medical conditions now have an updated manual at their fingertips,” as the American Dental Association is out its revised book on the subject. It matters: “Retention of the more medically complex patients in the general dental practice typically increases their access to care and enhances their satisfaction.”
Sweeter Diet Brings More Chronic Disease (Minnesota Post)
Nearly 70% of all packaged foods and beverages in America contain some kind of added sugar, and according to research in The Lancet, the rest of the world is catching up—“following our unhealthful lead.” Opportunities abound for dentists to educate their patients.

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