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The DMD Top 5 for the Week Ending April 7

A dental filthy public dental in Russia turned our heads, and possibly your stomachs, last week. In orthodontic news, the days of metal braces may be numbered. Finally, it seems like dentists are making two major retirement planning mistakes, according to one of our experts. Find out what other two stories were among our five most popular this week.
Joe Hannan
PUBLISHED: Saturday, April 8, 2017
1. The DMD Check-Up: Inside a Shockingly Dirty Dental Clinic: Shocking pictures snapped in a Russian dental clinic caught our attention this week, as did a Tennessee dentist’s epic save of a one-year-old’s birthday cake. Among more serious dental matters, a New York dentist has been charged in a $12,000 crown-billing scheme. And a University of Buffalo study shows that children with Type 2 Diabetes tend of have poor oral health.
2. New Orthodontic Tech May Spell the End of Metal Braces: The days of metal braces may be numbered. The University of Alabama is recruiting study participants for a trial of a new orthodontic treatment option that uses air to reposition teeth. Trial participants must wear the device for 10 hours daily. It can be worn while sleeping. The trial is expected to last 15 months.
3. 2 Big Retirement Mistakes that Dentists Make: You may not be as ready for retirement as you think you are. For example, have you talked to your spouse about what he or she will do with you being around the house more often? Kerry Straine, CPBA and CEO of Straine Consulting, says that this is one of two common retirement mistakes he sees dentists making. Discover the second, and how to avoid both, in this clip.
4. 7 Can't-Miss Festivals and Food Celebrations This Spring, Summer: Add another level of entertainment to your getaway plans. Celebrate spring and summer by joining in a festival. From light shows to Native American dancers, rock bands, to barbecue and ethnic food, festivals and celebrations add fun to your vacation or getaway.
5. How to Save Money on Dental Lab Costs: Approximately 10 percent of a dental practice’s overhead is tied up in lab costs. Partnering with the right digital dental lab can be a boon or a bust when it comes to affecting that debt percentage. Gary Kaye, D.D.S., F.A.G.D., explains how building a strong business relationship with your dental lab will save you money in the long run. 

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